Windmill Pond Aerator

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Windmill Pond Aerator

The Pros and Cons of a Windmill Pond Aerator

A Windmill pond aerator is both functional and effective, and it offers a rustic charm to your backyard view.

However, did you know that there are both pros and cons to adding a windmill pond aerator to your property? Knowing and understanding each of these can help you make an informed decision before moving forward on what’s best for you and your backyard oasis.

A small windmill aerator can provide oxygen to your pond without ever needing to supply or hook up to an electric source. This can be a big cost saving when there isn’t an electric source nearby, and you don’t want to pay or experience the construction inconvenience to have one installed. Windmill pond aerators can be a cheap way to aerate a pond.

The downside is windmill pond aerators is that rely on wind power to operate the air pump compressor. Although, this type of aerator can operate with as little as five miles per hour of wind.

But quite simply – no wind, no pond aeration.

This unpredictability also doesn’t lend itself to the life and maintenance of a fully functioning compressor. Because ice can build up inside the air tubing while there’s little to no wind power pushing air through it, the compressor will work overtime when the wind picks back up and tries to operate. Not being able to adequately diffuse the air through the coils, the compressor can burn out. For these reasons, you may not want to rely solely on a windmill pond aerator.

Depending on the size and depth of your pond, sometimes a combination may be right for you. A wind-powered option can provide the charm and oxygen when the wind is blowing and a solar-powered pump can provide the backup oxygen when it’s not. Both are eco-friendly and cost-effective options for aerating your pond, and neither relies on electricity for power!

Both of these options actually provide economical ways since air is so much lighter than water and requires less power to push through the pond.

Supplementing Your Windmill Pond Aerator with an Aeration System

With a pond’s natural aeration (or lack thereof as the circumstances may dictate), it’s always a good idea to supplement with a pond aeration system. Not only will it extend the life of your pond, but it will help make the water more clear, reduce weeds and algae, and support the aerobic bacteria that thrive at the bottom of the pond. You’ll also reduce or eliminate the need for chemicals.

These aerobic bacteria are critical for breaking down organic matter and removing toxic gases. If the population of anaerobic bacteria (the ones that don’t need oxygen to live) gets too out of hand, you can pretty much be assured that your property will very soon begin to smell like rotten eggs. Without the aerobic bacteria to keep their food source in check, these anaerobic bacteria will thrive and toxic gases will quickly overwhelm the bottom layer of your pond and rise to the surface.

More Pond Aeration Means Healthier Ponds and Fish

All of these factors point to another overall reason for a windmill pond aerator – every bit of oxygen added to a pond promotes a healthier fish population as well.

In summary, and for all these reasons, a pond that’s properly aerated will save you both time and money.

Not to mention that mosquitos thrive on water that’s not properly circulated. Along with algae, your pond could become a breeding ground for those little nasty pests! Clearly, another reason to promote proper aeration with a supplemental system is that you’ll cut down on the mosquito population!

Still Have Questions? Let Us Help!

Even though there is a wide selection of aeration systems out there – many of which we carry ourselves – sometimes they just don’t quite fit your pond, your preferences, or your budget. That’s what custom design comes in. If you’re in the great state of Michigan, we can create a custom designed aeration system to fit your pond. If you want more information on how this option works, just let us know. We’d be happy to walk you through the information we’d need to offer you a no-hassle quote, as well as how to quickly and easily gather it.

Whether you’re looking for a DIY project or professional installation, the dedicated team at Harrietta Hills can help any questions you may have. Not sure if a windmill pond aerator is best for you? We’d be happy to talk through your needs and objectives and offer our best recommendations and suggestions. Give us a call at (877) 389-2514.

Everything You Need For Your Pond And Lake!