What is Pond Aeration?

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What is Pond Aeration?

What is Pond Aeration?

So you’ve got a lake or pond and you’re wondering what is pond aeration and is it something you definitely need. What does it do? Does it really matter? These are all common questions people have when maintaining a pond or lake of their own.

In this article we’ll cover what is pond aeration, benefits of pond aeration systems, and different types of pond aeration. Our hope is that we’ll answer many of the most commonly asked questions and demystify some of the science behind pond aeration.

Simply stated pond aeration is the process of adding air to a pond. That’s it. Obviously it is much more complex than this, but ultimately pond aeration is about adding air to water that might not normally get it.

Why should it matter to give water oxygen? Next, let’s talk about the benefits of good pond aeration systems.

Benefits of Pond Aeration Systems

The benefits of pond aeration impact humans and animals alike. Adding air to your pond is important to help combat a number of potential problems from dead fish to putrid smells. Let’s talk about a few of the main benefits.

  • Helps keep fish happy
    Fish, like humans, need oxygen to breath. In order for fish to be happy and healthy they need a dissolved oxygen (DO)  above 5 parts per million. If it falls below 5 fish begin to feel stressed. Lower than 3 ppm fish suffocate. Proper aeration helps this problem by circulating the water – providing fish with the oxygen they need.
  • Keeps away mosquitos
    It’s no secret that mosquitoes can ruin any summer outdoor activity. They are a nuisance and can even spread illness to humans on the other end of their bite. Proper aeration disrupts breeding and keeps mosquitos at bay allowing you to enjoy those nights by the water.
  • Prevents harmful algae from forming
    Another danger to fish and humans alike is the presence of blue-green algae which is not actually algae at all, but bacteria. Some algae is good for a healthy ecosystem, but this particular kind causes all sorts of problems if not removed. Aeration will shift the growth around, pushing it to deeper areas of water and starving of sunlight it needs to thrive.
  • Adds to overall health of aquatic ecosystem
    By circulating water and adding dissolved oxygen to your lake or pond, aeration provides a multitude of benefits. It keeps your ecosystem happy by keeping fish happy, removing unwanted bacteria, eliminating foul odors, and much more. It really is the best way to keep your pond healthy year after year.


Types of Pond Aeration

There are several different types of pond aeration ranging from surface to below the surface means. The kind of pond aeration systems you choose depends on the type and size of pond you have.

The four main types of aeration are Windmill, Solar, Electric Powered Diffuser, and Surface Aeration. There is no one solution for all ponds. Each pond is unique and needs to be considered when choosing the right system for you.

Windmill Pond Aeration

Windmill pond aerators add a mix of function and charm to your ponds. They provide aeration to your pond without ever using electricity to power the air pump compressor. This can be a huge cost savings. The downside is that if there is no wind, there is no power. We usually recommend having a backup system in place to offset any periods of no wind. However, as little as 5mph can power your windmill to keep water circulating.

Solar Pond Aeration

Solar pond aerators similarly do not require any electricity as they are powered by sunlight. One additional benefit with solar aeration is its ability to work in the winter acting as a de-icer while keeping the pond aerator even in colder temperatures. Upfront costs may be slightly higher, but this may be offset by lower maintenance costs in the long run.

Bottom Up Diffusers

Circulation can either come from the bottom up or from the top (surface) down. Bottom up diffusers are placed at the bed of the pond or lake and pushes bubbles up to the surface. How many diffusers you need depends on the size of your pond. In general bottom up diffusers can be some of the most highly effective forms of aeration.

Surface Pond Aeration

If your pond is not as deep you can easily use surface aeration systems like solar and windmill aeration. The benefit of surface aeration is that it’s easier to install and can add visual appeal to your pond as well. If you have trout or other cold loving fish, surface aeration is a good way to go because most movement happens near the surface, thus not disturbing the fish dwelling in the colder water.

What is the Best Pond Aerator?

There is no one size fits all solution as every pond is different and therefore has different needs. The best pond aerator for your pond is the one that meets those needs. Hopefully this article has outlined what is pond aeration, the benefits of the different kinds of pond aeration systems, and given you an idea of which route to go.

At the end of the day, pond aeration is essential for maintaining a happy and healthy pond ecosystem. If you’re still unsure what to do next, we would be happy to help. Schedule a pond-side consultation or if you have an idea in mind, hire us for a custom design and installation.

Everything You Need For Your Pond And Lake!