Pond Windmill

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Pond Windmill

What is a pond windmill?

A pond windmill is an extremely versatile and effective method of aeration that could be the perfect fit for your pond. Aeration is necessary to oxygenate the water at the right balance within all levels of striation for your pond. The bottom of the pond needs adequate levels of oxygen for the wildlife, as does the middle and surface layers. A pond aeration system supplies the pond with oxygen.

How do pond windmills work?

A small pond aerator is a system that uses a tube to help diffuse oxygen into the water. Windmills harness the power of wind to push massive amounts of oxygen into bodies of water.  It’s pushed through a diffuser tube that runs from the windmill down into and across the bottom of the pond.

What do pond windmills do for your pond?

Windmill aerators for ponds provide life-giving oxygen, prevent toxic gas build-up, and help ponds maintain the right balance of gases to keep both the plants and animals within and around the pond healthy.

How are pond windmills helpful?

In addition to helping the pond’s wildlife, windmill aerators for ponds are picturesque, nostalgic, and provide low-cost, effective, and environmentally friendly power source for pond aeration. After a one-time installation, pond windmills require very little maintenance, cost next to nothing to maintain, and are nice to look at. In addition to helping your pond, pond windmills help your wallet, the wildlife, and the earth.

What are the drawbacks of having a pond windmill?

With all the benefits to having a windmill aeration system, there’s not really any reason to avoid it. There is a small amount of maintenance associated with keeping the tubes clear of debris and matter, but the occasional cleaning will ensure that the air is delivered and functioning properly.

Because a pond windmill relies on wind, it’s not the end all – be all solution for aeration. However it is a great way to build upon an effective system. Other components of an effective system might include solar powered aeration, electrical diffused (bubbler) aeration systems, and surface aeration. To consider all the options of what’s right for your pond, talk with one of our experts. We’ll consider location, natural weather patterns for your area, budget, how much time and energy you want to spend on maintenance, and how you plan on using and enjoying your pond. For a conversation with one of our experts, call us today at 877-389-2514 or set up a pondside consultation.

Why does pond aeration really matter?

Ponds that don’t receive adequate oxygen at all levels of striation (bottom, middle, and surface) can quickly become serious hazards. Anaerobic ponds kill off the wildlife and any aquatic life within and the snowball effect rapidly takes away from the beautiful aesthetic of your landscape with algal sludge. This means that your pond will become both an eye sore and an acrid, foul smelling feature on your property. Decades of pond and water management experience allow us to say with certainty that this is not a question of if, but when. A pond windmill helps deter the onset of anaerobic issues. If wind conditions allow it may even fend them off indefinitely.

At Harrietta Hills, we want you to be fully aware of all the pros and cons to each water management issue. We think it’s important for you to make informed decisions. We’d love it if you purchased from us, but even if you don’t, we know that you’ll walk away with a greater awareness that will benefit your pond and environment. We feel good about our education endeavors and the approach we take to building relationships.

We specialize in pond and water management, bringing our seventy years of professional experience. We’ve got a team of courteous experts to help you with any and all aeration needs. For more about our team, visit our about page. We pride ourselves in the products we carry and the fish we raise. We’re proud of our deep and vast knowledge we bring to your pond and water management needs. Contact us today with any inquiries about your pond windmill or other aeration system needs. We look forward to serving you!

Everything You Need For Your Pond And Lake!