Pond Maintenance Companies

Everything You Need For Your Pond And Lake!

Pond Maintenance Companies

Looking at pond maintenance companies?

Whether you’re just starting out, or looking to move over to a more supportive relationship with your pond management, we appreciate the opportunity to get to know you and your pond. Ultimately, what matters most to us, is not a quick buck, but a long-term relationship with you for the life of your pond.

When considering pond maintenance companies, we recommend you ask yourself these questions.

How much do you want to do yourself?

Some pond maintenance companies offer pond and water management services. Others are strictly supply companies that assume you are a DIY kind of person. Neither is better than the other – it’s just a matter of what you want. At Harrietta Hills, we serve both kinds of pond owners. If you want experts to periodically check on your pond and make the adjustments necessary for healthy pond management, we can do that. If on the other hand, you want to have a chat about what’s needed and then get out in the great outdoors to install features yourself, we’ll support those goals as well.

How long do I plan on caring for this pond?

Some pond maintenance companies are focused on your short-term needs so they can make a quick sale. But if you care about the long-term life of the pond, a longer-term view is necessary. The balance of how all the flora and fauna will work together has an impact that you can’t always see immediately. You might fix one problem today and have a handful of other problems pop up down the road. At Harrietta Hills, we take a more proactive approach, keeping in mind the bigger picture for our beautiful state’s ponds.

You can call the pond guy down the street, or you can rely on a team of experienced experts with a longer-term focus in mind for you and your pond.

How timely do I want my questions answered?

Some pond maintenance companies are highly responsive to new customers in order to get you “in the door” but are too busy to chasing new leads to maintain relationships. At Harrietta Hills, you can rely on an entire team of experienced experts to help answer your questions in a timely manner. Started in the 1950s, we’re a family company and we take our reputation seriously. Our focus is on courteous, quality service for the years to come.

Are all the natural environmental factors considered?

Healthy farm pond maintenance includes testing the water, considering runoff, nuisance animal control, weed control, proper aeration, and the proper complement of fish within the pond. Again, a short term fix is just that – short term. Rather than fighting against the natural elements, at Harrietta Hills, we help you work with them to get the best, healthiest, and most natural outcome for your pond.

What are the most effective pond cleaning options offered?

The most effective options for your pond may differ from your neighbor’s pond. The simple fact is that each individual pond has a certain aquatic make up. Depending on how well the pond’s been maintained in the past, oxygen levels vary greatly. The level of oxygen in your pond can and will impact everything else – it’s a balance. So when shopping pond maintenance companies, pay attention to both how open they are to answering your questions, and whether they are asking questions about your pond. Getting to the bottom of what’s going on with your pond is important to getting back to a clean, clear state, as soon as possible, and keeping it that way for as long as possible. It’s not a one and done – we’re dealing with nature, so a comprehensive look is crucial.

At Harrietta Hills, we want more than your business. We want to begin a long-term professional relationship with you. So, our focus is on education, value, and making sure you are making the most confident water management decisions with your money, time and energy.

Ultimately, you have a choice in pond maintenance companies, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Take a look around the site, give us a call (877) 389-2514 or (231) 389-2514, or better yet, come in and meet us at 1681 South 7 ½ Road, Harrietta, Michigan. We love getting to know our customers and all about their dreams for their ponds.

Everything You Need For Your Pond And Lake!