Fish Stocking Near Me

Everything You Need For Your Pond And Lake!

Fish Stocking Near Me

Looking for fish stocking near me?

For Michigan and surrounding native species, we’ve got you covered!

At Harrietta Hills, because we’re committed to top quality trout, hybrid sunfish (bluegill), large mouth bass, channel catfish, and yellow perch, we’ve become experts in pond and water management that supports healthy fish. Other species of game fish are also available seasonally.

When you rely on fish stocking near me, don’t get duped! There are loads of internet suppliers that have decided to get into the business of fish hatcheries. “Near me” doesn’t necessarily mean they will have the level of water management expertise and practices in place to ensure quality fish. Farms near me might take you to a supplier that deals solely with churning out as many sales as possible with no concern for the long term and genetics of their fish. You won’t find that with Harrietta Hills. We’re a fish farm registered with the Michigan Department of Agriculture, and with decades of experience since starting our family owned and operated business, we’ve become experts in pond and water management.

If you’re looking for pond stocking fish near me, you may be looking for Fathead Minnows to build up your forage base, and we can supply you with those as well.

But having healthy fish is more than feeding and growing big fish that you can catch! It’s also about ones that will survive and spawn offspring, support and participate in the natural ecosystem of your pond. Sustainability and restoring the natural cycle of ponds is what we’re all about. Fish stocking near me done the right way means after a while, your fish begin stocking themselves!

We’ve got the fish stocking expertise you’re looking for.

Owners Jim and Dan are Michigan Certified Commercial Aquatic Pesticide Applicators, so we have the experience you need if you have a question about anything that we offer in our store.

Our experienced team also can help you know how best to care for your pond and your fish! ‘Stocking near me’ turns up a long list of suppliers. We’re glad you’re here and don’t take your business for granted. If you put your trust in Harrietta Hills for your pond and water management needs, we treat your pond like our own. Because we’re much more than a fish farm. For more than 50 years, we’ve been a family owned and operated pond and water management company, and our professional experience in aquatics means that we know what works and how it works. We’re more than just a website devoted to fish and pond supply.

In fact, we can educate you on all things having to do with a maintaining a clean, healthy and beautiful pond for years to come and are here to help you along the way, no matter what state your pond is in today. We understand the seasonal temperature factors to ensure a successful stock, how to achieve the right balance of bacteria to get rid of muck, and how to go about deciding whether you’ll want to feed your fish in the winter. We can educate you on issues like mosquito and muskrat control and the safe removal of a cattail overgrowth. But don’t worry – you don’t have to be the expert. You just have to know one! Being experts in pond and water management, the team at Harrietta Hills considers all the factors to ensure a successful and long-lasting experience that goes well beyond the stock.

If you’ve searched fish stocking near me for your pond, you may be considering trout. There are a couple of factors that ensure a pond’s candidacy for successfully housing and farming this beautiful, tasty fish. For specifics on both the ideal temperature range and water exchange factors, read stocking trout. There are many things you can do to get your pond trout ready.

Once you have completed your fish stocking, protect your fish!

Many families don’t only want to fish in their ponds, they want to swim in them too. Unfortunately, an overgrowth of leeches keeps many families from getting the full enjoyment they can out of their pond. Fortunately, this too is a pond management issue – one that can take time but is well worth it. Check out our block on leech control.

Each and every pond is different. The diverse nature of these beautiful watering holes doesn’t have to be overwhelming. For our help coming up with a holistic strategy that’s both long-lasting and effective, we’d be happy to come out and evaluate your pond. Give us a call today at 877-389-2514 for details.

Everything You Need For Your Pond And Lake!