Fish Pond Supplies

Everything You Need For Your Pond And Lake!

Fish Pond Supplies

What fish pond supplies does every pond need?

Like most things in your home or on your property, ponds require regular maintenance to ensure you’re getting the most from your pond. If you have just bought property with a pond or you’ve had a pond for years, getting the right fish pound supplies will help your pond healthy and active.

If you’re unsure where to get started here are 4 essential fish pond supplies you need to maintain your pond.


It may seem rather obvious to suggest fish an essential supply for your pond, but there are a couple things to consider as you do your research.

How many fish?

Getting the right amount of fish for your pond is important and you’ll need to determine the size and depth of your pond or lake to know how many you can reasonably support.

What kinds?

Certain fish do well in different environments. Doing your research about which fish are good for your area and ecosystem will ensure your fish aid in the longevity and health of your pond.

Aeration Systems

You may not realize it but fish also need oxygen to survive. Oxygen in still water gets used up, and without aeration that supply is not replenished. Pond Aeration keeps oxygen levels steady, and helps to take care of keep aquatic life. There are different kinds of aeration systems to choose from – solar and wind – and we are experts if you need help with installation.


Plants and aquatic vegetation provide oxygen for your pond or lake, but there are some plants that are unwanted and if not kept in check can cause great damage. This is where farm pond supplies like herbicides and algaecides come into play. Invasive, non-native plant species, can be controlled with the right chemicals and techniques. Unsure of what plants you have? Schedule a consultation and we can help.

Winterization Supplies

If you live in a colder climate winterization is essential to keeping fish alive through the cold months into spring. To avoid fish death during the cold winter months it’s vital that you employ proper winter aeration and de-icing. The longer the body of water remains ice-covered, the more likely a fish kill is to happen.

Proper Winter Aeration and De-icing open areas in the ice cover, exposing the water to the atmosphere and enabling re-oxygenation and the release of harmful gases.  By maintaining open water and constant water circulation, fish are protected from catastrophic winter-kill.

You can find winterization supplies from our pond supply store. Here you’ll find de-icing products and more to ensure that your prepared for the cold winter months so your fish can get the oxygen they need. With proper pond winterization you’ll be able to enjoy your pond again when the ice thaws.

Looking for discount pond supplies?

Harrietta Hills has been in business since the 1950’s. Since then we have grown into one of Michigan’s premier private fish farms. We are your source for pond and lake supplies and management. All of the essentials that you need for your pond can be found in our pond supply store.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of aquatic services including:

  • Pond and Lake Consultation and Evaluation
  • Aeration System Design, Installation and Service
  • De-Icing System Design and Installation
  • Fountain Installation and Service
  • Herbicide Applications
  • Trout and Game Fish Stocking

We want to help you maintain a happy and healthy pond for years to come. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by filling out our form.

Everything You Need For Your Pond And Lake!