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Repair and Maintain Pond Aeration Windmills

If you have a pond aeration windmill that needs service or repair, we can help.  We have been selling, building, maintaining and fixing aeration windmills for years.  We have the equipment and experience to get your windmill back in shape and working again.

Many people with older pond aeration windmills don’t know where to start when their windmill needs to be repaired or maintained.  The compressors are 20 feet in the air and the towers are not easy to take down.  Let us take the worry out of those repairs for you.  We have the equipment and experience to complete many repairs and most maintenance without taking the tower down.  If the repair requires lowering the tower, we have what it takes to get that done as well.

Aerating windmills are great equipment to keep a pond aerated, but the challenges of performing maintenance on them are often more than pond owners want to tackle on their own.  Windmills are extremely reliable and require very little maintenance, but everything wears out with time and windmill compressor parts are no exception.  Air compressor diaphragms need replacing every few years and eventually the pump bearings will wear out.  Air hoses can rupture due to exposure to sunlight.  These parts can all be replaced easily with the proper equipment and experience.

If you have a windmill that is not performing like it used to, or has stopped working altogether, give us a call to schedule a visit from one of our experienced technicians.   Let us get your windmill back to improving your pond water!

Harrietta Hills sells and services both Becker Windmills and Koenders Windmills. Call or email to set up a service call for your windmill:  231-389-2514