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September 13, 2017
Texas Hunter Automatic Fish Feeder, 100LB Capacity
September 13, 2017

Texas Hunter Automatic Fish Feeder, 70LB. Capacity

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This top quality automatic fish feeder built by Texas Hunter holds 70 lbs. of Fish Feed or 125 lbs. of Corn and uses a high velocity air stream to project feed pellets in a wedge shaped feed pattern 45 feet long and 20 feet wide.  These automatic fish feeders are a great way to make sure that your fish are getting fed regularly to promote optimum growth.  Multiple feeding events can be programmed in over the course of the day to spread out feeding activity, reducing oxygen demand spikes and promoting fish health and growth.

The EZ Set Digital Timer controls a dual motor system and is programmable for up to 9 feedings per day.

Texas Hunter feeders feature two feed level sight gauges, powder-coat finish over galvanized steel for years of service and a side access panel to service the blower. Feeder comes with 12 volt battery included. Feeders have a side access panel for the battery and timer and are pre-wired for the optional(SP2W) 2-watt solar charger.  A replacement rechargeable 12 Volt battery (BT12)is also available.

Texas Hunter Automatic Fish Feeders come with your choice of leg styles, available with either Pond Bank Legs for stability or with straight Dock Legs for compact installation. Specify your preference when ordering.

Texas Hunter Fish Feeders come in four sizes, starting with a 70 pound fish feeder all the way up to a 250 pound fish feeder. Each feeder can hold either floating fish pellets or shelled corn.

Texas Hunter Fish Feeders have an amazing 5-year warranty on the timer unit and 1-year warranty on the motors.

Weight 98 lbs
Leg Style

Pond Bank Legs, Dock Legs