Stainless Steel Base Air Diffuser DB36



This innovative high efficiency Air Diffuser features an all stainless steel base that requires no additional weight to sink the unit and keep it on the bottom of the pond.  The stainless steel base makes this unit completely corrosion resistant for many years of trouble free operation.  All stainless steel surfaces have been carefully de-burred to remove any sharp edges and won’t damage a pond liner.

These diffusers offer great flow rates due to the 36″ of High-Efficiency Aeration Tubing, resulting in very little back pressure on compressors, extending compressor life.

Each Stainless Steel Base DB36 Air Diffuser is ruggedly constructed using high-quality, American Made components by US Solar Mounts and is backed by their proven history of durability and an unbeatable LIFETIME Warranty.

Features a built in handle, check valve,  hose strain relief, and lightweight design.  This diffuser is set up to attach to 3/8″ tubing and can be used with almost any aeration system.

The DB36 Diffuser operates best with 1-2.5 CFM of air per diffuser.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs