Sludge Remover Bacteria Blocks – 50lb Box


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Easy Pro Sludge Remover Bacteria Blocks are designed to remove organic sludge from ponds and lakes. Sludge is the result of the decay of dead algae and plant material, fish waste, uneaten fish food, decomposing leaves and other organic debris. Left in the pond, sludge acts as a stimulant for water quality problems like excessive algae and plant growth. Easy Pro Sludge Remover Bacteria Pellets break down and liquefy organic sludge. The result is a cleaner pond, fewer water quality problems, higher oxygen content and improved water clarity.

Application Rate:

  • Spot Treatment: One ounce block covers approximately 200-250 square feet of shoreline or beach area- apply every two weeks.
  • Full Pond Treatment: 15 to 20 blocks per 1/4 acre every two weeks.

No Water Use Restrictions: Safe for fish, plants, wildlife, pets and people.

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