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September 13, 2017
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September 13, 2017

Pond Vive Bacteria – 8oz Bag Beneficial Pond Bacteria


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Pond-Vive Bacteria is a blend of specialized beneficial bacteria strains formulated for the task of pond and lake maintenance. Pond-Vive now has four strains of Enzymes which break down Organic waste into an easier digestible form for the bacteria, which speeds up the process of cleaning up your pond. This formula now also has a cold weather bacteria strain, for better results in cooler temps as low as 38 degrees.  Pond-Vive bacteria reduces sludge build-up, eliminates foul odors, improves water clarity, and eliminates excess nutrients.

Easy to use-  Pond-Vive  is contained in 8 oz. Water soluble bags:  simply toss them into your pond and the bag dissolves, distributing the product through the water column.

Ponds should be treated with Pond-Vive Bacteria every two to four weeks, more may be necessary for particularly dirty ponds.


Application Rates:

  • Initial dose: 12 pounds per acre
  • Maintenance dose: 6 pounds per acre every 2 weeks
  • Three 8 oz. bags treat a 1/4 acre pond

No Water Use Restrictions: Safe for fish, pets, wildlife and people.

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