Greenclean Granular Algaecide 8 LBS


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GreenClean Granular Algaecide is a great product for controlling algae in water features! This EPA registered product provides extremely fast results in treating both green water and string algae. GreenClean can be used to bring algae problems under control as well as a preventative for future problems.

GreenClean works through oxidation which provides immediate control of algae. Dead matter floats to surface where it is removed by skimmer or net.

Ideal for use with bacterial treatments. Once GreenClean kills the algae, bacteria go to work cleaning up the remaining organic material. GreenClean will not harm bacteria.


Certified Organic by Organic Materials Review Institute

Non-copper based algaecide

Kills algae on contact – visible results within minutes!

Completely biodegradeable – no residue left like copper based products

EPA registered

Non-hazardous to fish (including koi)

Can be used in contained water such as water gardens, ornamental ponds or waterfalls, fountains and bird baths

2 lb. container will treat a 800 gallon pond for four to five months.

8 lbs. container will treat a 3200 gallon pond for four to five months
For Larger Ponds Greenclean Granular is available in 20 lb. and 50 lb. containers


Preventative Dosage: 3 – 17 lbs. per acre foot

Treatment Dosage: 30 – 170 lbs. per acre foot

Due to state Restrictions, we are unable to ship THIS USEPA registered herbicides to the following state: New York. Other states may restrict the shipment of other items, please call for more information.

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