Fish Habitat Structure -Shrub 3 pack


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These premium Fish Habitat Structures attract fish and provide excellent protection and cover in your pond or lake.  Because of the unique design, they also don’t snag your equipment while you are fishing.  These habitats are lightweight and easy to assemble, with pre-drilled holes, and no glue required. Simply assemble the fish habitat structure and drop it into your pond or lake (you can also place them on the ice in wintertime and let them sink naturally in the spring) .

A standard brick is needed to easily add weight if the shrub is used in an area with significant current, otherwise it it pre-weighted. Single “Shrub” Structures can be used effectively in small areas, but should be used in combination to create adequate structure on larger bodies of water.  Combine the “Shrubs” with “Trees” and “Logs” to create a forest of fish habitat.

Each “Shrub” imitates a natural submerged bush with eighty-four flexible polyethylene “limbs”.

Place shrub in water that is at least 3 feet deep.

Shrub dome is 25″ x 8″ x 25″ with eighty-four 26″ flexible limbs.

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