Bug Light Fish Feeder


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The Bug Light Fish Feeder turns annoying bugs into High Protein Natural Fish Food!

This fish feeder uses a light to attract insects, then a fan draws bugs into the unit where they are stunned and deposited on the surface of the water below the feeder. Fish love it!

Insects are a natural source of protein for fish, but can be very annoying to live with around your pond. The Bug Light Fish Feeder provides a natural, high-protein diet for your fish and reduces the number of flying insects in your yard at the same time.

  • Comes Fully Assembled
  • Easy Installation: Hang Securely over the water and plug it in
  • Operates almost silently: no noise, no “bug zapper” mess
  • Operates on 115 volt household power

Enjoy hours of watching your fish gather to grab bugs off the surface while feeding them for just pennies a day.


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Weight 20 lbs