Athena Display Fountain by Power House


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The Athena Display Fountain features four clusters of angled outside streams creating a majestic crowing effect that surround four taller center streams.

Your choice of 4 different horsepower motor sizes and 7 power cord lengths to fit your pond, specify your choices when ordering.  All units are available in 230Volt.  1/2 HP units with short cords can be ordered in 115Volt.

Since 1976, the Power House has manufactured durable, dependable, energy efficient equipment.  These sturdy fountains  require relatively low horsepower and running amperage without sacrificing pattern height and diameter.  Each unit is shipped ready to install and easy to maintain.

Lighting can be added to your order for a dramatic night-time display.

Fountain Display Size:

Motor Size Upper Height Lower Height Diameter
.33 HP 11’ 8’ 30’
.5 HP 13’ 10.5’ 40’
1 HP 13’ 10.5’ 40’
1.5 HP 20’ 12’ 45’
3 HP 20’ 15’ 50’

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