3/4HP Rocking Piston Pond Aeration System


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Our 3/4 HP Rocking Piston Pond Aeration System features a Stratus rocking piston air compressor designed specifically for the demanding job of 24 hour operation.  Stratus ERP Rocking Piston Compressors are ideal for pond aeration systems.

The shore mounted compressor sends air through tubing to four bottom mounted diffusers for safe and effective aeration.  The streams of bubbles rising from the diffusers create large circulation patterns in your pond, bringing low oxygen water to the surface where it come into contact with atmospheric oxygen.  This circulation releases gasses that can be harmful to your fish and infuses your water with life-giving oxygen.

Diffused pond aeration is an excellent way to maintain pond health in warm weather as well as winter.  Winter operation of a pond aeration system helps to prevent winter-kill by maintaining open water for oxygen transfer and preventing the build-up of harmful gasses below the ice.

This system features four diffusers for ponds up to 4 acres. The compressor is capable of pumping air to a depth of 50′. System includes 3/4 HP Stratus ERP Compressor, 600′ of 3/8″ weighted tubing, four SEPMD2 air diffusers, clamps and fittings. Compressors draws 5.4 amps at 115 volts and pumps up to 7.5 CFM of air. Available in 115 Volt. 2 year warranty on Stratus compessor.

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