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Exploring Water Dye

Are you interested in water dyes, but not quite certain what they are or what they can accomplish? Let’s take a quick look at these great pond maintenance products to help you decide if dye could be the perfect fit for your pond!

Water dye is simply a non-toxic dye product that changes the color of the water in your pond.  Most ponds and lakes are not naturally blue…. But they are often a focal point, so dye can help you get the beautiful water that you desire.  Although the most obvious reason for using water dye  is aesthetic, water dye actually has another important use: weed control.

Surprising as it may seem, another good reason to use water dye is to manage weeds and algae. The dyes work by blocking out the sunlight that the plants need to carry out photosynthesis, and some dyes may be classified as herbicides. Adding water dye in the early spring can keep weeds from growing and reproducing, and preventing young weeds from becoming established.

All of the dye sold by Harrietta Hills is nontoxic and safe for  pets, fish, wildlife and people, so you can feel confident using it to enhance your pond. Your pond will stay happy and healthy… And so will you!