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Need Help Deterring Nuisance Birds?

Birds can be a serious nuisance. Whether they are eating your fish, or leaving unsightly droppings, keeping them at bay is often a problem for pond owners. Geese are an especially common issue and can be particularly challenging to deter.

Traditional methods for dissuasion are often either noisy, or serious eye sores. They are also not always as effective as the owner would like, which can be immensely frustrating.

Here on the trout farm, we have been dealing with problematic birds since day one. For us, the biggest issue has been fish-eating birds and over the years we have lost countless fish because of them. We have tried many different methods of deterrence, including netting over the ponds, reflectors, noise machines and decoys among others. In the end nothing has worked well, or for very long.

Recently, we found a solution, and it has been working so well for us personally that we decided we needed to include it in our product line. Enter; the bird laser. Available as either a permanently mounted or handheld device.

AVIX Autonomic Mark II Laser Bird Deterrent 

This laser bird deterrent is extremely effective. The AVIX Autonomic Mark II Laser bird control system repels birds 24/7 and can achieve up to a 90% bird reduction.

AVIX Autonomic is the newest generation of automated intelligent laser bird control. The AVIX Autonomic covers the area that needs protection from birds continuously. Birds perceive the approaching laser beam as a physical danger and avoid the area. This laser bird control system has proven to be effective over time without habituation by problem birds.

The AVIX Autonomic Mark II Laser system takes bird control technology to the next level by providing a long-term solution with state-of-the-art system and support service from Harrietta Hills. This technology is high quality and designed to withstand industrial and agricultural installations as a continuous duty solution to serious bird control problems.

Programmable up to 2,400 waypoints to allow for precise control and pattern complexity that birds won’t get used to.

  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity for remote control of the unit.
  • Runs on 115 Volt electric or can be installed with SOLAR power source.
  • Does not harm birds.
  • More effective than noise-makers and other harassment techniques because it is ALWAYS on-duty.
  • More neighbor-friendly than noise-makers.
  • Doesn’t require constant effort like decoys, effigies, and human presence harassment.

Our Harrietta Hills Service Team will set-up, install, program and service the AVIX Autonomic, assuring optimized performance and consistent bird control year after year.

Agrilaser Handheld 500 Laser Bird Deterrent

Accurately deter birds from any location! Agrilaser Handheld Bird Lasers provide a highly effective tool to provide direct bird control. Birds perceive the laser beam as a physical threat and flee. In ideal weather conditions, the laser has a range up to 8,200 feet.

The Agrilaser Handheld 500 from Bird Control Group is the top-of-the-line general handheld laser for bird control. The beam is powerful enough to be effective in brightly lit situations over long distances. The Agrilaser Handheld 500 is equipped with a red dot sight to provide accuracy over long distances, key lock safety system to prevent unauthorized use, and has a long (rechargeable) battery life. This laser is an investment into a long-term effective bird control solution available for use at any time of the day.

Birds perceive the Agrilaser Handheld’s laser beam as an approaching physical danger. Once they observe the laser, they fly away in search of safer ground without habituation. After consistent use of the Agrilaser Handheld, birds will consider the controlled area unsafe and will not return.

To make operation over long distances more accurate and safe, the Agrilaser Handheld is equipped with a red dot sight. The sight makes it possible to accurately aim the Agrilaser Handheld at a desired target before activating the laser.

The Agrilaser Handheld has a robust design to ensure effectiveness in demanding situations. The shockproof cover protects the laser from damage from falls and dust exposure, making the laser suitable for use in a wide variety of environments.

For more information, or help choosing the right laser system to fit your needs, call (231) 389-2514, or email us at