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We Do Lake and Pond Consultations!

Whatever goals you may have for your lake or pond, Harrietta Hills is here to help. We know that turning your vision into a reality can be overwhelming without support, and we have the expertise and ability that you need.

Beneath the surface of your lake or pond is a complex and entirely unique ecosystem, and we want to help you understand it. That is why we offer individual lake and pond consultations.

What is a Lake or Pond Consultation?

A pond consultation can either be done over the phone or in person. A member of our team will be placed at your disposal to strategize and set a plan in motion to help begin your journey to a healthy, happy lake or pond. There are two ways that we conduct consultations.

The most effective and informative method is an in-person consultation. Our resident expert will meet you at your lake or pond, discuss your vision and any changes that you would like to make and recommend a personalized plan. If you don’t have a specific vision in mind, that’s okay too! We can help you understand what your options are to leave you with healthy water. While we are there we can determine the size and depth of your water body for accurate treatments, identify any weeds and algae that are problematic for you, create an aeration plan, and so much more.

Over the phone consultations are another option. We can use satellite images to help determine quite a bit of information about your lake or pond, including size and often the best placement for aeration and diffusers. However, we can accomplish the most when you call armed with the approximate depth of your pond. Pictures of weeds, algae or any other problematic things in your water will help us determine the best treatment options.

You will have an opportunity to address any questions that you may have and discuss your vision fully whether the consult is in person or over the phone.

What Areas Does Harrietta Hills Service?

We will travel anywhere in the state of Michigan for an in-person consultation!

Of course, it doesn’t matter where you are located for an over the phone consultation.

How Long does a Consultation Take?

Although every water body is unique, a good rule of thumb is that most in person consultations take about two hours.

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