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Spring Aeration Tune-Up

If you have a diffused aeration system running on your pond and you haven’t given it any attention yet this year, now is a great time to service the unit!

Aeration systems are fairly simple, but they do require some fairly regular service if you expect them to perform. Spring maintenance should include changing or cleaning the air filter, cleaning the diffuser heads in the pond, and potentially rebuilding your compressor if the internal wear parts are reaching the end of normal life expectancy (generally 2 years for rotary vane, 4 years for rocking piston).

Air Filters

Pollen and dust clog air filters, reducing performance and placing unnecessary strain on air compressor units. I recommend checking and servicing the air filters on your pond aeration compressor at least quarterly, and preferably monthly to keep the system running efficiently.

Air filter checks are usually pretty simple. Open the cabinet that houses the compressor and then unplug the compressor. Most filter systems have a removable filter element contained in a filter housing. Open the housing and inspect the element, most of them are easily removed and can be cleaned by blowing them off with pressurize air from an air compressor. You should also inspect the filter element for holes or tears before you put it back. Filter elements should also be completely replaced at least once per year, and more often if your compressor is located in a particularly dusty area.

Diffuser Heads

Cleaning diffuser heads requires retrieving the diffuser off the bottom of the pond and scrubbing the rubber diffuser membrane or air stone (on older systems) with a stiff nylon bristled brush. Take care when retrieving diffusers to not break off the air hose and leave the diffuser lost on the bottom. This can be a little tricky if you don’t have a retrieval buoy attached to the diffuser base. Not cleaning the heads allows algae to build up on the diffuser, reducing the amount of air that can be emitted and reducing the efficiency of the system.

Compressor Rebuilds

Rebuilding compressors can significantly extend the life of the equipment. Waiting for a complete failure of the wear parts frequently results in a full compressor replacement, so a timely rebuild can save a good deal of money. Rebuilding compressors as a do-it-yourself project is possible if you have a reasonably good tool kit and you follow written instructions well. Otherwise, you can send your compressors to us for prompt rebuild service. Give us a call in advance for instructions on how to send in your compressor.

Aeration Service by Harrietta Hills

If you prefer to have us do the heavy lifting, we can take care of servicing your entire system if your pond is in Michigan. If you are outside of Michigan, we can still take care of rebuilding your compressor. No matter where you are, you can always contact us for technical advice if you just need a little help. We look forward to hearing from you!

We stock most of the parts that you need to get your aeration system in shape for spring. Give us a call or check out our selection online. Let us help you make you pond better this year.