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Welcome back to Pond Season!

Spring is finally here! As with the beginning of any new season, there are a few steps you should take now to ensure that your pond gets off to a good start. Take a look at the following list for some tips on getting back to pond season.

Tune Up Your Aeration System

  • Replace the air filter on the compressor
  • Make sure pressure gauges are working
  • Clean out/sweep out any dirt and debris from the compressor cabinet
  • Remove any leaves around cabinet that may be blocking ventilation openings
  • Check that pressure gauges are working (replace if not)
  • Change vanes in rotary vane compressors (every 2 years)
  • Install rebuild kits in rocking piston compressors (every 2-3 years)
  • Pull up and clean air diffusers

Apply Pond Dye Now

This helps to inhibit excess plant and algae growth right from the start of the season. We recommend Easy Pro Pond Dye as a very cost-effective and easy solution that comes in three popular colors: Blue, Black and Serenity (a mix of blue and black).

Remove Any Dead Vegetation Like Cattails or Phragmites

Getting this dead vegetation removed from the pond edge prevents them from adding to the load of decaying vegetation that leads to muck build up in your pond. Removing seed heads from these plants before they release seeds also reduces the spread of these plants in your pond.

Get Started with Pond-Vive Pond Cleaner Bacteria

Water is now warm enough for bacteria treatments to be effective. Using Pond-Vive helps you to have cleaner, clearer water with less algae growth by consuming the organic nutrients in your pond. Getting started with bacteria early in the season sets you up for easier pond care as the summer progresses. Pond-Vive comes in convenient water-soluble packets, just throw in the correct number of packets for the size of your pond. Nothing could be easier!

We have everything you need to get these tasks done. Visit our store and get what you need in one easy stop. If you live in Michigan and would like us to perform any of these tasks for you, just contact us and we will get you on our schedule for service.