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Early Application of Water Dye can Reduce Algae and Weed Growth

With spring so close at hand, it’s easy to begin imagining all of the pond improvements to be made in the warmer weather, including weed and algae control. What a lot of pond owners don’t realize though, is that they can put in a little work now to slow weed and algae growth before it even starts.

Water dye not only changes the color of your water, it can also be used as algae and weed control. The dye works by blocking out the sunlight that the plants need to carry out photosynthesis, and some dyes are even classified as herbicides. Adding dye in the early spring can keep weeds from growing and reproducing, and will prevent weeds from becoming established.

But you don’t have to wait until your pond has thawed to use pond dye. It can actually be added to surface ice, which is a great solution for pond owners who don’t want to use a boat to ensure even application. Pond dye comes in either liquid or powder form, and either one can be applied to the ice.

It is, of course, extremely important to check the thickness of the ice over your pond to make sure it is safe before you attempt to walk on it. Please use caution and common sense when making this decision. If the ice is not thick enough to be safely walked on, dye packets can be thrown onto the ice from the shore.

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