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2019 Outlook – Spring Stocking Season

Winter can be wonderful, with snow piling up, sipping warm cocoa inside your cozy home, watching your pond begin to freeze over. But then a few weeks pass and for many of us winter begins to lose some of its magic. By the end, we long for warmer days. The good news is, spring is finally just around the corner! With warmer weather comes stocking season, and now is a good time to begin making plans for your pond.

We know that pond maintenance and stocking can be a big task to tackle on your own, which is why we’re here to help. Here’s what you can expect going into this spring, and how to prepare.

Whether or not you are thinking of restocking your pond this spring, it is important to remember that seeing some fish die off after a long winter is very common. This is especially true when the pond was not aerated throughout the winter. Of course, there is no way to be sure how many of your fish survived until your pond begins to thaw, but smaller ponds with large numbers of fish (especially if they froze over completely) are the most likely to see a higher number of mortalities. Aeration is the best way to combat fish die off in the winter, since it circulates oxygen and keeps a portion of the pond from freezing.

If you choose to restock, it is a good idea to wait until the surface of your pond has completely thawed, and water temperature has reached about 50 degrees F. Waiting until the water temperature is warm enough will help reduce the stress on your fish and ensure the lowest possible mortality rate, so keep that in mind when ordering your fish

Choosing the proper species and quantities of fish for your pond is very important. When you select fish, pay attention to what temperatures they thrive in, whether they are predator or prey fish, how many are recommended for the size pond you have and what species do well in tandem. If you’re not sure where to begin, check out our stocking guide, give us a call toll free at (877) 389-2514, or email us at

Every year brings challenges to fish farmers, meaning that the supply and demand for certain fish species doesn’t always look the same. This year, we anticipate having a strong supply of Bass and Bluegill, but the Perch supply will be limited. We recommend placing your orders as soon as possible to ensure that we still have availability.

If you are ready to place an order, or if you need assistance in creating a personalized stocking plan, contact us!