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The Importance of Removing Dead Vegetation from Your Pond

Every pond owner has a very specific vision for their pond, and no two visions are ever exactly the same. Getting the look that you want takes time and energy, but it is certainly well worth it in the end. But if every pond owner has such a different ideal for their pond, how can we make such a broad assumption that removing dead vegetation is the right move for everyone?

Excessive Dead Vegetation Stinks. Literally

Plant decay is a natural part of the life cycle, but that doesn’t mean it smells good! As the plants deteriorate, they can release an overpoweringly foul odor, this can really spoil any pond activity.

Some plant decay is good for your pond: it helps provide a balanced amount of nutrients for the living plants in your pond to grow. Left unchecked however, it can create a problem in a big hurry.

Dead Vegetation Can Add Too Much Nutrients in the Water

Allowing the decomposing matter to stay in your pond can actually create an overabundance of living plants and algae. The rise in nutrients will help algae and weeds to grow. Although this can be a good thing in moderation (once again, this depends on your goals for your pond), you may end up with far too much of a good thing, and your pond will become overrun with weeds and algae. Whether you are concerned with how it will affect your fish, your ability to use your pond, or simply the aesthetic quality, most folks would rather not see that happen.

The Best Methods for Removing Plant Matter

Removing decaying plant matter can be done manually with tools, with beneficial bacteria, or a combination of these. If you choose to do it manually, the most effective tool is a weed rake or lake rake. These tools are specially designed to work in the water and have long handles to accommodate your needs, although in a pinch you could use a landscaping rake instead. If the plant matter or algae that you are trying to remove is only on the surface of the water, a Surface Skimmer is an excellent tool to use. Beneficial bacteria is another way to remove the excess matter from your pond. Beneficial bacteria will consume excess nutrients, but will not harm your fish or existing living plants.

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