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From Our Ponds to Your Table

The most integral part of being a responsible consumer is knowing how and where your food was raised. That being said, sometimes it can be tough information to find. That’s why our family here at Harrietta Hills wants to make sure you know how our trout have been handled on the way to your dinner table. We want you to know that you are getting fresh, high quality trout every time.

Raising the Fish

All of the trout sold under the Harrietta Hills brand are raised here on our farm. We get them as eggs from Trout Lodge, the largest supplier of eggs in the United States. They are shipped to us, and immediately placed in egg incubator trays in our hatchery. Our hatchery is certified disease free, meaning that the eggs develop in well water. Team members take great care to avoid introducing bacteria to minimize the chance of the young fish getting sick. When the eggs begin to hatch they are left undisturbed, keeping stress levels low.

When fish eggs hatch, they do not fully shed the egg, the shell falls away, but the egg “sac” remains attached to the fry (newly hatched fish). The sac will be the sole source of nutrients for the fish for the first month of its life.

Once the egg sacs have been almost used up, the fry are moved to feed training tanks, where they will begin to eat tiny food pellets that are a very specific blend of nutrients that helps the fry to grow at a steady rate.

As the fish grow, they are moved to larger areas to ensure that they are never overcrowded. Once they get to be about 6” long, they are moved outdoors to ponds that are fed by the clean waters of Slagle Creek.

This is where the fish will spend the remainder of their time on the farm.

What are the Fish at Harrietta Hills Fed?

Here at Harrietta Hills, we strive to offer the highest quality fish, and the only way to do that is to feed high quality food. We give our trout Ziegler Gold, specially formulated to meet the needs of the growing fish. It is full of natural nutrients and protein, and has been our go-to for years.

The fish are fed to satiation each day. Feeding to satiation simply means that they are fed until they are satisfied. This usually means that they eat about 1-2% of their body weight in a given day, although this number can vary depending on the weather. Although Slagle Creek is spring-fed, extreme weather can change the water temperature significantly enough that it affects fish appetites. During the winter, their metabolism slows down significantly, so they eat a lot less. During some of the hottest days of summer, the fish are happy to eat more than is good for them, so we have to take care not to overfeed. Overfeeding can lead to oxygen depletion, stress, and in extreme cases, death. Feeding the right amount for the fish to grow, but not so much that it becomes harmful is absolutely vital.

Shipping the Fish for Processing

Once the fish have reached an ideal weight of approximately 1.25 lbs, they are transported live in one of our trucks to Superior Foods Co. The fish are loaded into the truck one netful at a time. Although this is a long process (and cold in the winter!) it gives us one last chance to check over the fish and make sure that they are in pristine condition.

Then our driver takes them to Superior Foods (about two hours away). The fish are still alive when they arrive at Superior, ensuring the freshest possible quality. Once they reach Superior, they are processed, packaged, and shipped fresh to nearby stores and restaurants.

Why You Should Feel Great About Eating Fish from Harrietta Hills

Because we get our fish as eggs, we know that only our specially trained team members handle the fish. We take great care to keep the fish healthy, in turn making them a healthy choice for your family! Our fish are fed only the highest quality food. They are raised in clean, natural water giving them a delicious fresh flavor. Trout is an excellent source of protein and Omega3, and it has a low fat content. Our family enjoys eating our product, and we know that you will too!

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