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Solar Powered Aerator

Solar Powered Aerator

Create a Pond You Can Be Proud Of With a Solar Powered Aerator

At Harrietta Hills, many of our clients have a very specific vision of what they want their pond or lake to look like. Whether they have a small swimming hole, a lake for fishing, or a wild and woodsy nature attractor – our clients want their pond or lake to be healthy. And the way to maintain a healthy water system is through aerating the water to improve circulation and oxygenation. One way to do this is with a solar powered aerator.

Do I Need a Lake Aerator?

While it is true a pond doesn’t need an aerator, installing one can improve the look and functionality of your pond. All living things need oxygen to survive. An aerator circulates oxygen through the water at all depths. This process of aeration creates a more supportive environment for fish and eliminates dangerous conditions that can lead to fish kills. Having a properly aerated pond or lake also prevents the water from becoming stagnant. Stagnant water not only produces a foul odor but also encourages the growth of algae and the spreading of insects such as mosquitos. If you are having any of these problems with your pond or lake, installing an aeration system can help improve the health and life span of your pond.

At Harrietta Hills, we have several options for you to choose from including solar-powered aerators, windmills, fountains, and diffused aeration systems. We can even design and install a custom system to meet your needs.

What type of aerator should I buy?

When you are looking to buy an aerator, there are several factors to consider. First is the size of your lake or pond. If you have a shallow body of water (less than 6 feet), then you might want to consider a fountain. For larger bodies of water or ponds that are more than 6 to 10 feet deep, you will need a bottom diffuser that brings low oxygen water to the surface to be reoxygenated and release gasses that can be harmful to fish populations within the pond.

Another factor to consider is the location of your pond. If your pond is close enough to a grid system, then an electric compressor could work for you. However, if your pond is not located near enough to a grid system or you want to use an alternate source of energy, a solar-powered aerator or windmill would be a good fit for you. A solar-powered aerator uses energy from the sun during daylight hours and banks oxygen for later so you do not have to purchase or maintain expensive batteries. We also sell solar pond fountains for smaller ponds off the grid.

Where Can I Buy a Solar Powered Aerator

Whether you need a small pond aerator or a more powerful bottom diffuser, Harrietta Hills has everything you need for your pond or lake. Located 20 miles west of Cadillac, we are one of Michigan’s premier pond and water management companies. In business since 1950, owners Jim and Dan are Michigan Certified Commercial Aquatic Pesticide Applicators, so we have the experience you need if you have a question about anything that we offer in our store. We offer a full range of aquatic services including:

Not sure what size pond you have or which system will work best? Let us help. Our years of professional experience in aquatics means that we know what works and how it works. We are able to answer your questions and help you with your difficult water management issues. We proudly offer a complete line of pond and water management products. From aeration equipment to fish feed to aquatic weed control, we carry everything you need to successfully manage your pond or lake.

Visit our contact page, call our Toll-Free number, or send us an email to schedule a pond-side consultation and let our team find the perfect solution for you. We look forward to assisting you with your pond and water projects.

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