Solar Pond Aeration Systems

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Solar Pond Aeration Systems

5 things to consider when buying solar pond aeration systems

Thinking about putting in a solar pond aeration system? The “best” pond aerator, may not be the best when you factor in a few important considerations. In fact, there are a lot of fancy models out there with lots of bells and whistles, but aren’t necessary for the average pond.

Before you make a purchase, and perhaps a costly mistake, let’s cover the five basics of purchasing a solar pond aeration system and improve the life of your pond.

1. Pond Size

The most important consideration for a solar powered pond aerator is quite simply the size of your pond. See how to calculate the size and volume of your pond.

At Harrietta Hills, we’ve been in the water management business since the 1950s. In that time, we’ve become experts in preserving and promoting health for Michigan’s ponds and lakes, and we’ve seen many, many do-it-yourself jobs that can’t keep up with the needs of the pond, resulting in wasted energy, time and money. We’ve also seen a fair share of pond owners that have been oversold on the aeration needs of their pond, and not enough attention paid to the stock of fish, the right mix of plants, and the overall balance of aquatic life.

2. Performance

In your research, you may have noticed that solar pond aeration systems have many parts and features. From the compressor to the diffuser membrane, back up battery or banking system, and tubing, a cooling fan, the pressure gauge, to the solar panels themselves, the quality of each part makes up the dependability of the product as a whole.

Sometimes the more complicated the system is, the more likely it is to require maintenance or break down. At Harrietta Hills, we focus on simple, yet effective systems that are easy to install, quiet and dependable.

3. Required Maintenance

Another consideration is how easy the diffuser membranes are to clean and replace, if necessary, and how often will that be required. Feel like getting into your scuba suit?

At Harrietta Hills, our diffused air systems are much easier to maintain because the compressor is onshore as opposed to submerged in the pond.

4. Distance to Electrical Service

Some pond aeration systems require electrical service and don’t allow for much wiggle room on equipment placement.

At Harrietta Hills, our systems can be custom built in many ways and one big advantage is the compressor can be located up to 2000 feet away from the pond’s edge. It is much more cost effective to trench in the air tubing than it is to install electrical service to the pond edge making these systems the best choice for ponds without electric nearby.

5. Battery

You may have seen other systems promoting the life of their back-up battery and the convenience when there’s not been enough sunlight. However, most of Michigan’s lakes and ponds receive enough sunlight to utilize a more economic banking system over a system backed up with expensive rechargeable batteries.

At Harrietta Hills, each of our solar pond aeration systems operate on direct sunlight during daylight hours with no batteries.

How do “bank” systems work?

The solar powered compressor is shore mounted and sends air through tubing to bottom mounted diffusers for safe and effective aeration. The stream of bubbles rising from the diffuser(s) create a large circulation pattern in the pond, bringing low oxygen water to the surface where it comes into contact with atmospheric oxygen. This circulation releases gasses that can be harmful to your fish and infuses the water with life-giving oxygen. Operating during daylight “banks” oxygen in the water for later use.

This method of diffused pond aeration is an excellent way to maintain pond health in warm weather as well as winter. Specifically, the winter operation of solar pond aeration systems helps to prevent winter-kill by maintaining open water for oxygen transfer and preventing the build-up of harmful gasses below the ice.

Solar Pond Aeration Systems are easy to install, quiet and dependable. We offer three systems to choose from. For full specifications and features information, check them out here.

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Everything You Need For Your Pond And Lake!