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Becker Windmills

5 reasons to add one of our Becker windmills to your lake or pond

Windmill aerators are increasing in popularity, and for many reasons. Here are the top 5 reasons for adding one our Becker windmills to your lake or pond.

  1. Pond aerators reduce algae levels.

    Anaerobic bacteria consume and digest the organic matter at the bottom of lakes and ponds. But organic matter builds up when anaerobic bacteria can’t keep up with the supply. Algae thrives with anaerobic bacteria. By providing an influx of fresh oxygenated water molecules, the aerobic bacteria can thrive and keep the anaerobic bacteria in check, which in turn reduces the algae levels. Becker windmills offer pond aeration through a system of wind-powered and air diffuser technologies.

  2. Poor water quality can be permanently improved by aeration for a limited time period.

    Even with an inconstant supply of wind, every little bit of aeration helps extend the life of your pond or lake. Pond aerators push oxygen-rich air molecules through a series of tubes down into the depths of the pond or lake, where it’s released and diffused into the water. Becker windmills fill this function and more. By keeping the bacteria at bay, even temporarily, the aerobic bacteria may be given a chance to “catch up” in numbers to their anaerobic counterparts – tipping the balance in their favor. Since it is a temporary fix, we do sometimes recommend a back-up option to supplement nature’s wind supply.

  3. Aeration can increase fish and other aquatic animals, prevent fish kill, and improve the quality of the ecosystem.

    Fish kill is one of the most heartbreaking realities of pond and water management. Especially because, with a little education and pre-emptive strategy, it’s something that’s totally preventable. Fish and aquatic animals depend on proper oxygen levels with the water to survive. Without adequate oxygen, a chain event takes place that ultimately ends with animal life being overrun with parasitic plants, muck, and bacteria that thrive in anaerobic environment. A crazy thought right – a fish drowning in water? Yet this hostile takeover can quickly suffocate all the fish in the pond. Another reason for Becker windmills, is the installation of oxygen rich molecules that fish need to survive and thrive. Like all pond aerators, their main function is to pull oxygen out of the air and drive it into the water – where all the fish and aquatic animals need it.

  4. Nobody likes a stinky backyard!

    Perhaps we should have led with this one? But seriously, did you know that when a pond is not properly oxygenated, toxic gases can quickly build up from the lowest layers of the pond? Yep. These gases seep up, out into the air, bringing a disgusting, rotting smell to your property. Eew! Yet another reason to add windmills for pond aeration to your backyard. Not only will you see the breeze working its natural magic, you’ll smell it too. Who doesn’t want the smell of fresh air to go along with their backyard view? Becker windmills can be an important piece of the solution preventing these gases from being created in the first place.

  5. Windmills have a charming aesthetic.

    There, we admit it. (Except of course the fish!) Windmills, long considered focal points for gardens and farms, offer an iconic whimsy as well as a function to your pond or lake. While we are mostly all about functional products and services that keep your pond thriving and healthy, this has to be the “cutest” product we carry. They are lovely anywhere in your view, and with the added function they provide, Becker windmills are an efficient way to also bring some visual interest to your backyard. Said another way, they’re just nice to look at!

At Harrietta Hills, we offer a range of products and services for your pond and water management. After almost seventy years in the business, we specialize in making your pond or lake the most healthy and enjoyable it can be – for both you and the wildlife who call it home.

We carry only brands that we believe align with those goals. We’ve chosen to partner with Becker Windmills because we believe in their quality, functionality, and design for being one of the best windmills your hard-earned money can buy.

For a free consultation for your pond, contact us or call us at (877) 389-2514.

Everything You Need For Your Pond And Lake!