Aeration System Design

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Aeration System Design

Aeration System Design: The Basics

Like any ecosystem, a healthy pond requires oxygen to thrive. Many ponds struggle to get the oxygen they need, as only the top layer of the water makes contact with the air. This forms an oxygen rich layer on top but leaves the rest of the pond without enough. A good aeration system design mixes up the water in a pond, circulating oxygen to the parts that need it most.

A good aeration system has many benefits, including:

  • Supports a larger, more robust fish population
  • Creates cleaner, healthier water
  • Reduces unpleasant pond odors
  • Prevents winter fish kills and freeze-over
  • Provides peace of mind, a healthier pond, and much more!


Choosing Your Aeration System Design

When deciding which aeration system is right for you, there are several important considerations. How large and deep is your pond? Will you have access to a constant power supply? Does your aerator need to work “off the grid?” Every pond is different and every pond owner has their preferences, so every aeration system design needs to be customized to suit the needs of the individual pond.

There are two main kinds of aerators: surface aerators, which work in shallow ponds, and underwater diffusers, which work in deeper ponds. The number of aerators needed is dependent on the width of the pond. Some aeration systems designs connect to a power grid, while others use solar power or even windmills for energy, and there are a number of additional features and helpful add-ons that can be used to customize your system.

For example, consider a pond owner with a small but deep pond far from any power supply, but in an area with a lot of wind. This pond owner may choose an aeration system design with a single diffuser, a windmill, and a deicing system. There is a lot to consider when picking the right aeration system design for you, so we encourage you to call us toll-free at (877) 389-2514.

What We Do for Your Pond

We are here to help you choose the right aeration system design for you. Every pond requires its own aeration solution, but we can make it easy by providing expert analysis, our years of experience, and accessible customer service. Call us for a free phone consultation, or set up an meeting with an expert at your pond or lake for an in-depth review and personalized solution for your aquatic needs.

We are family owned and operated aquaculture facility registered with the Michigan Department of Agriculture, located about 20 miles west of Cadillac, Michigan. Since the 1950s, we have grown into a leader for Michigan aquaculture, providing custom pond solutions and real, in-person customer service. We offer a wide range of aquatic services including:

  • Pond and Lake Consultation and Evaluation
  • Aeration System Design
  • Installation and Service
  • De-Icing System Design and Installation
  • Fountain Installation and Service
  • Herbicide Applications
  • Trout and Game Fish Stocking

Everything You Need For Your Pond And Lake!