Zeigler Gold, 5mm- Floating Fish Food


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Zeigler Gold Floating Fish Food is specially formulated for the nutritional needs of trout, but it is also excellent for most other species of game fish when quick growth is desired. This high performance fish food features high digestibility that  results in fast growth and better water quality. Available in a 42% protein, 16% fat formula and either 3mm or 5mm sizes.

Feeding levels can depend on growth objectives for your fish, but we generally recommend feeding the amount that your fish will consume in about 15 minutes.  Feeding amounts will vary depending on water temperature and other environmental conditions.  Care should be taken to avoid wasted fish food because it will contribute to fouling your water.  If you see uneaten food floating around after a feeding, reduce your feeding rate.

Floating fish food size should be selected based on the size of the smallest fish in the pond that you want to feed.  Generally Bluegills and Bass over 5″ should be fed 5mm pellets, but Trout should be fed 5mm when they are at least 8″.

In summer, when oxygen levels tend to be lowest because of warm water conditions, feed as early in the day as possible so that the fish can digest the meal when oxygen levels are highest during daylight hours.  Avoid feeding heavily in the evening because this will increase the need for oxygen during the night when oxygen levels are lowest in your pond.  You also use multiple feedings to spread out oxygen demand during the day.  Automatic feeders are ideal for this application.


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