Fresh Flo Model TT Transport Aerator


The Fresh Flo Model TT Transport Aerator gives positive aeration for tanks with 100 to 400 gallon capacity. Available in Standard and Salt Water Models. Standard has 20″ carbon steel bearing tube with 1/4 inch vinyl coated mesh screen and 24″ power cord. Optional stainless steel bearing tube is available on the standard model. Salt Water Model includes stainless steel bearing tube, stainless steel impeller and 1/4″ mesh screen. 75 GPM pumping rate actively mixes large transport tanks. Units are 12 volt, 10 amps.

These units draw water from the bottom of the tank and spray it out above the surface of the water to create an active splash type aeration. Excellent for circulating water and degassing on long hauls.

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Freshwater, Saltwater

Stainless Bearing Tube