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Gast 1/20 HP Diaphragm Compressor
February 22, 2019
Direct Solar Aeration System for Medium Ponds
May 23, 2019

Direct Solar Aeration System for Small Ponds



This Direct Solar Aeration System for Small Ponds made by US Solar Mounts is a high quality, all US Made Solar aeration solution that delivers unprecedented performance and durability for a solar aeration system.  These Direct Solar systems are an excellent choice for off-grid aeration.

For Ponds up to 1 acre.

Direct Solar means that these units run during daylight hours, circulating your water and “banking” oxygen for later and there are no expensive batteries to purchase or maintain.

The pole mounted, solar powered compressor sends air through self-sinking tubing to a bottom mounted DB36 Stainless Base diffuser for safe and effective aeration.  The stream of bubbles rising from the diffuser creates a large circulation pattern in your pond, bringing low oxygen water to the surface where it comes into contact with atmospheric oxygen.  This water circulation releases gasses that can be harmful to your fish and infuses your water with life-giving oxygen.  Operating during daylight “banks” oxygen in the water for later use.

Diffused pond aeration is an excellent way to maintain pond health in warm weather as well as winter.  Winter operation of a pond aeration system helps to prevent winter-kill by maintaining open water for oxygen transfer and preventing the build-up of harmful gasses below the ice.

Complete Kit Contains:

  • U.S. manufactured, Brushless DC Electric, Rocking Piston Compressor rated for 2.5 cfm air flow and will operate in up to 30’′ of water
  • ULTRAGUARD Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester Cabinet (mounts on solar panel mounting pole), with cooling fan, stainless steel hardware.
  • 1 300 Watt, 60 Cell  Solar Panel with mounting brackets
  • 1 DB36 Stainless Base air diffuser
  • 100′ 3/8″ Self Sinking Tubing
  • Warranty:  5 Years on all non-wearable parts – 2 Years on compressors

Direct Solar Aeration Systems Must Ship MOTOR FREIGHT.

Weight 230 lbs