Concentrated Liquid Water Dye Serenity – Quart


Concentrated Water Dye is non-toxic and is the perfect way to ensure your shoreline looks absolutely stunning all year long.

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EasyPro Concentrated Blue Water Dye is non-toxic and easy to use.  The fact that it is a concentrate means that you need a smaller bottle to do the same work as some other brands.

This quart size liquid Concentrated Water Dye is available in three different colors. “Serenity” is a mix of blue and black. “Blue” dye creates a more natural blue coloration. “Black” dye creates a more reflective surface appearance. Water dyes reduce the amount of light available for aquatic plant growth.

Easy Application:

  • One quart treats one acre of water 4 feet deep (4 acre-feet).
  • Pour Liquid Water Dye into your pond and allow the wind and wave action to mix in the dye.
  • Make an initial application of water dye in early Spring for best results
  • Re-apply throughout summer to maintain dark coloration as necessary.

No Water Use Restrictions:

  • EasyPro Concentrated Liquid Water Dye is a nontoxic water dye for use in lakes and ponds.
  • Water can be used for swimming and irrigation once the dye is dispersed into the body of water.
  • EasyPro Concentrated Liquid Water Dye is not USEPA registered as a herbicide, therefore it can be shipped anywhere in the USA.

Download: EasyPro Liquid Lake Dye Specimen LabelEasyPro Serenity Liquid Lake Dye Safety Data Sheet

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs

1 quart treats 1 acre of water 3 – 6 ft deep