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September 13, 2017
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September 13, 2017

Becker Windmill 16′


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Becker Windmill 16 ‘ POND  WINDMILL Aeration is ideal for lake and pond locations where electric service is unavailable or undesired. Wind-powered aeration is time-tested technology that lets Mother Nature provide the oxygen and circulation in your pond or lake!  Operation of a pond aeration windmill is simple, the wind turbine directly drives a diaphragm compressor located at the top of the mill.  The compressor pushes air through a tube and out to the bottom of the pond, where the air is released through an air diffuser as small bubbles.  These bubbles rise to the surface, causing a circulation pattern to form in the pond, as well as directly oxygenating the water.

Becker aeration windmills feature strong construction, easy assembly, and 60% MORE AIR PUMPED compared to some other windmill brands.  The 72″ diameter turbine head with high pressure diaphragm compressor pumps 2.4 cfm in a 9 mph wind, 3.2 cfm in a 15 mph wind. This high performance windmill will begin operating in a 2-3 mph breeze. This is the best performance available in an aerating windmill!

– Made in the USA from 16 gauge galvanized steel for many years of dependable service.

– Self maintaining in high winds, turbine “feathers out” of high wind to prevent over-speeding.

– Four tower heights available (12 ft, 16 ft, 20 ft, 24 ft) all use the same turbine and pump, simply select the height needed to catch the breeze in your area.

– Tower has four legs for greater stability and better anchoring.

– Optional Freeze Control unit is available for use in colder climates.

– Easy to maintain.

– 3 year limited warranty.

Harrietta Hills is an authorized dealer/installer of Becker pond and lake aeration windmills. We will build, deliver, and install your wind powered pond aeration solution. Call Toll Free 1-877-389-2514 for a delivery and installation estimate.

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