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Pond-Vive 8 oz. Dissolvable Bags

Pond-Vive, the Natural, Biological way to clean ponds and lakes.

Pond-Vive 8 oz. Dissolvable Bags
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Pond-Vive is a blend of specialized bacterial strains formulated specifically for the task of pond and lake maintenance. Pond Vive now has enzymes, four strains which break down waste into an easier digestible form for the bacteria-speeds up the process. Also now has a cold weather bacteria strain, for results in cooler temps as low as 38 degrees.

Pond-Vive bacteria reduces sludge build-up, eliminates foul odors, improves water clarity, and eliminates excess nutrients.

Ponds should be treated with Pond-Vive Bacteria every two to four weeks, more may be necessary for particularly dirty ponds. Safe for fish, pets, wildlife and people.

Pond-Vive is available in 8 oz. disolvable bags (simply toss them into your pond and the bag dissolves, distributing the product through the water column)

Application Rates
Initial dose: 12 pounds per acre
Maintenance dose: 6 pounds per acre
Three 8 oz. bags treat a 1/4 acre pond.

Pond-Vive is also Available in 10 & 25 lb. pails and 100 lb. Bulk containers.

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Pond-Vive 8 oz. Dissolvable Bags