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Pond Algae Control

Pond Algae Control

What You Need to Know About Pond Algae Control

While pond algae control is an important piece of keeping your pond healthy, not all algae are “bad”. Many property owners invest in backyard ponds because they enjoy the natural and relaxing feeling that water brings. However, they don’t want invasive pests interfering with their view, the quality of their water, or the health of the pond’s plant and animal life. This means that pond algae control quickly becomes viewed as important and all algae become viewed as antagonists. Many people are surprised to learn that not all algae are “bad” and some might actually best necessary for the health of your pond. Here is what you need to know about pond algae control or all the green stuff in your pond.


First and foremost, a pond without any algae at all is not a healthy pond. This green “slime” actually serves as the base of the food web and thus a significant source of nourishment for fish, snails, and many other creatures often found within a pond. Algae help oxygenate the water and remove nitrogen compounds, something that can be harmful to fish at high concentrations. Plus, algae are plants that convert sunlight and nutrients into food for the pond.


There is a wide range of algae species, but they are often thought of in two major groups, planktonic and filamentous. Planktonic algae are suspended in the water and often give a green tint to your pond. As the base of your food chain, they are indispensable in promoting healthy fish populations when kept to the right density. When out of control, extreme densities of these algae can deplete oxygen and cause fish kills. In addition, very high densities of planktonic algae can indicate excessive nutrient levels in ponds, something that requires proper management to reverse. On the other hand, filamentous algae reproduce and join simultaneously into long strings that form mats on the bottom of ponds. In midsummer, these mats will become buoyant, floating to the top in broad filaments or stringy mats. At moderate levels, filamentous algae contribute to the food web and therefore provide food for fish. When growth runs out of control, it can interfere with activities like swimming and fishing. Heavy “blooms” can deplete oxygen in the pond and be dangerous for fish populations.

We Are Experts in Pond Algae Control

Proper pond algae control is the key to maintaining a healthy algae balance and overall pond health. There are many pond management strategies that can be used as pond algae control and each strategy may require a different tactic. For example, if you choose a trophy bass pond, you may benefit from an abundance of algae growth. If your pond is more of a backyard swimming pool, you may want to reduce algae growth. Pond algae control and overall pond health all comes down to recognizing what you need and managing your pond to achieve your desired goals. If you are not sure how to best deal with your algae, give our team at Harrietta Hills a call and we will be happy to help you achieve the best result for your pond!


Harrietta Hills Trout Farm is a family owned and operated aquaculture facility registered with the Michigan Department of Agriculture. Started in the 1950s, Harrietta Hills has grown into one of Michigan’s largest private fish farms with farm pond supplies. We specialize in the production of Rainbow trout, with Brook trout, Brown trout, Largemouth Bass, Hybrid Bluegill, Yellow Perch, Channel Catfish, and Fathead Minnows. From aeration equipment to fish feed to aquatic weed and pond algae control, we carry everything you need to successfully manage your pond or lake.


We know that every pond is different, even though parameters may be the same. Your pond is unique and the goals you have for your water are unique. “Packages” that come in a one-size-fits-all approach do not work. Let us help you choose the materials that are right for your pond by giving us a call toll-free at (877) 389-2514. You can also find more information on keeping a healthy pond through the pond learning center located on our website here. We talk about all things pond, such as farm pond algae control, how to get rid of pond algae, pond algae solutions, and large pond algae control!

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