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Michigan Fish Stocking

Michigan Fish Stocking

Welcome to Michigan’s Fish Stocking Headquarters

Thanks for your interest in Michigan fish stocking! At Harrietta Hills, we pride ourselves on the quality of our fish. As one of the oldest and most vibrant of Michigan’s fish farms, we’ve spent decades perfecting the art of pond and water management so that our fish are the healthiest around. We’re all part of a larger whole, and the fish play a vital role in the ecosystem, as well as enjoyment of our lives.

So before you read up on the weekly report for Michigan DNR Fishing and head across the state in search of your favorite catch, imagine this. You’re in spitting distance of your own private getaway, fully stocked with rainbow trout, arguably North America’s premier game fish. Since they’re more tolerant of warmer water, they’re actually suited to more pons than other species of trout.

Not a trout man (or woman)? Ok. How about a mix of hybrid sunfish, largemouth bass, channel catfish, yellow perch, and fathead minnows to fatten them all up? With a simple call, you could have them all delivered to your backyard pond turning into your own private fishing oasis. In fact, there are lots of ways you may can make the pond or lake on your own property your new favorite spot!

Michigan Pond Fish Stocking

The practice of fish stocking has grown in the last fifty years, but not all Michigan fish farms are alike. Fish stocking is a sacred practice. It calls for a lot of care and attention to be done right. We’ve been doing this since the 1950s, so we know a thing or two about raising healthy fish and promoting the natural habitats of Michigan. Fish stocking when not done with a stringent quality mindset, can actually do more harm than good. And having said that, some farms become complacent. When working with fish, it’s important to stay diligent about things like aeration of the water, dead vegetation removal, invasive weeds, cattail control, to name a few. Because we’ve always put the health of our fish first, we’ve developed premier pond and water management practices that support just that and are always focused on pristine living conditions for our fish.

Other considerations are transferring water, even the small amount that comes with the fish, from one lake to another with the same native micro-organisms. Things like shipping from different parts of the country, via online shipping vendors who aren’t concerned with permits, can actually damage the life of a pond and all the native species it supports. That’s why we’re the best and most respected pond and water management company for Michigan fish stocking. Fish quality and water management go hand in hand. Let us use our expertise to help you make the best decisions for your pond!

Michigan pond fish stocking isn’t only about recreational fishing.

We’ve helped see countless ponds restored to their natural vitality and ecological balance through proper water management and the reintroduction of live game fish. The entire ecosystem flourishes with the right balance of fish, plants and other aquatic creatures. Not to mention the birds and other land mammals a healthy, thriving pond attracts.

We’re more than a fish farm. At Harrietta Hills, we are experts at pond and water management. We’ll evaluate your pond and make recommendations of extending and improving its life so that it supports and sustains the natural elements – aquatic plants and animals as well as the other surrounding wildlife. If you’re looking for the best Michigan fish stocking around, make sure you work with an outfit that’s equally committed to native elements, water quality, and fish health. Because this is only one of the services we provide, we’re sure you won’t find another fish stocker that matches our level of commitment to the native beauty and vitality of our great state!

We offer a wide range of aquatic services

At Harrietta Hills, you’ll find everything you need for your pond or lake. From an initial consultation and evaluation to an aeration design, installation and service, to de-icing system design and installation, we’ve got you covered. Want to add a beautiful new aesthetic to your pond? We also handle fountain installation and service! Concerned with pests or other growth of an invasive plant species? We also specialize in herbicide applications that work with your pond, not in spite of it.

Give us a call today at 877-389-2514 with any questions or visit our pond learning center blog.

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