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Aeration System Design

Aeration System Design

Where can I go for aeration system design?

When it comes to aeration system design, you have many options to consider. From large lake aeration systems to pond aerator fountains to lake aeration compressors, there are a lot of things to understand when choosing to invest in an aeration system design.


Before diving into your many options, it is important to first begin with the basics. Aeration system design and aerators are important because they make up one of the most crucial elements for keeping a pond happy and healthy. While some ponds may be naturally aerated, other ponds will need a little outside help. Simply put, an aeration system helps mix air (oxygen) into pond water. This constantly replenished oxygen helps organisms survive. Because oxygen in a still pond will get used up over time, a pond without aeration will likely cause fish to go belly up. As a whole, pond aeration keeps oxygen levels steady, helps keep aquatic life happy, and makes it more difficult for aquatic pests to get a foothold.

What should I consider when choosing an aeration system design?

As mentioned, you have many options for aeration system design. The four main types of aeration system design are Windmill, Solar, Electric Powered Diffuser, and Surface Aeration. There are benefits to each type, so feel free to give our team at Harrietta Hills Trout Farm a call toll-free at (877) 389-2514. We can help you decide which aeration system design is right for you!


For example, one of the biggest things that drives pond owners towards windmill pond aeration is the freedom from needing electricity hookup. Since not all pond owners have electricity running all the way out to a pond, investing in an aeration system that does not need to be plugged in may be a necessity. As an added bonus, an aeration system that does not require electricity will also result in a lower operating cost. Since windmills themselves need very little maintenance, this type of aeration system design may end up saving money in the long run. (Even though the initial cost of the unit may be a little higher than other aeration units.) Similarly, solar pond aeration is another aeration system design that does not require electricity. Because the solar units are powered by the sun, they are also environmentally friendly. Solar pond aeration units can work throughout the winter, which means that you can even use them as deicers to keep at least part of your pond open through the winter.

Let us help find the aeration system design that’s right for you

To find the right aeration system design for your pond, please give our team at Harrietta Hills a call toll-free at (877) 389-2514. We will help you gather the resources needed to keep your pond happy and healthy. A healthy pond will generally have about 15-20% of its bottom area covered with some sort of plant growth. Eliminating all plants from your pond will eliminate cover for your fish and severely interrupt the food chain for your fish. On the other hand, allowing too much of these plants to grow can put your pond out of balance. Moderation and selective control are the best in most cases, so the identification of aquatic weeds or algae in your pond is often the first step to choosing the best products and aeration system design for your needs. If you are not sure what you may be seeing in your pond, we can help!


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