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Control Weeds with Horizontal Flow Generators

Nobody likes swimming in slime, muck and tangling weeds. We are constantly asked about the best methods to clean up around swim areas and docks. There are a number of approaches to take to this problem including chemical treatments and old-fashioned hard work, but one of the easiest and simplest approaches is to use a Horizontal Flow Generator (HFG) to do the work for you.

Horizontal Flow Generators are a group of products that use a motor and propeller assembly to direct a stream of moving water through areas that you want to clean up. This flowing stream moves floating debris and algae out of the area where it is operating and inhibits weed growth. HFG’s are ideal for use in keeping focus areas like docks and beaches clean and inviting for swimmers and watercraft landing.

HFG’s are available in different configurations, but are generally mounted to docks or other structures, although independently floating models are also available. The HFG should be positioned to give best coverage for the area that you want to keep clean and in at least 2-3 feet of water. The units can be adjusted from time to time to re-direct the water flow from one area to another to broaden the area of impact for any single unit. Every situation is different, and some experimentation will probably be necessary to find the best aim points and operational routines.

HFG’s come in different sizes, with different pumping rates and consequently different sized coverage areas. Make sure that you size your unit to match the size of the area that you want to keep clear. Because these units move water into the unit as well as out of it, make sure that you select a model that comes with a screen or debris guard on the intake end of the HFG. Sucking in debris can cause damage to motors and propellers. If using the HFG near a swim area, consider a screen on the outlet end as well, to make sure that no-one can accidentally come in contact with the propeller. We recommend that the unit be turned off when swimmers are in the water, just to be on the safe side.

Deploying your HFG early in the spring to prevent the accumulation of debris and weeds is a much better approach than only turning the unit on after you have a messy problem to remedy. That said, we have seen HFG’s work wonders in a fairly short period of time, so don’t just surrender, get one going today and create an inviting waterfront that everyone can enjoy.

If you aren’t sure of the best Horizontal Flow Generator for your waterfront, email us at or call (877) 389-2514. We can assess your situation and make a recommendation!