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Is Solar Pond Aeration Right for You?

There are so many challenges in keeping a healthy pond, and ensuring proper aeration is certainly one of those challenges. As a pond owner, you want to know what is going to be the most effective use of your time and resources, and it’s our job to help you figure out the best pond solution for you! Solar pond aeration can be a fantastic tool for many ponds.

What are the Benefits of Solar Pond Aeration?

Just like Windmill Pond Aeration, solar pond aeration does not require electricity. Because of this, it is ideal for ponds that do not have electrical access. Solar units may seem pricey when you look at the initial cost, but given that there are no additional costs after purchase (we all know how high that electric bill can get), it will end up saving you money with the operating cost. Because the solar units are powered by the sun, they are environmentally friendly as well!

Solar Pond Aeration units work can work throughout the winter, which means that you can use them as de-icers to keep at least part of your pond open throughout the winter, even in the colder states.

What are the Drawbacks of Solar Pond Aeration?

Solar pond aeration units without a battery only work during the daylight hours, so it is important to get a unit that is powerful enough to build up an oxygen bank. All that this means is that you increase the oxygen levels significantly enough during the day that although oxygen will be used during the night, the supply will not be depleted to dangerous levels.

These units will work on cloudy days just fine, but during the winter it is important to keep the snow cleared off of them to keep them running.

How Difficult is it to Install a Solar Pond Aeration Unit?

This depends on whether or not you choose to do it yourself.  We are happy to build, deliver and install solar pond aeration systems, which means that all you have to do is tell us where you want it! However, if you are feeling ambitious, it is certainly possible to do it yourself. Just be sure that you follow all instructions very carefully, and don’t be afraid to give us a call for a bit of advice!